“Estágio Ciência Viva 2019: INCISTA-Taguspark: INtrodução à Ciência no IST TAguspark

From July 15th to 19th will take place another edition of the “Estágio Ciência Viva 2019, INCISTA-Taguspark: INtrodução à Ciência no IST TAguspark”, addressed to high school students.

The main purpose of this activity is to motivate young students to several aspects of Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and, in particular, their applications in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering.

Demonstrations and experiences of several electromechanical systems are: “SUBINHA”, or micro-robot Circular IdMind, or robots built by N3E students (check:

“SUBINHA” is a data storage model that was designed for the “Ciência Viva” programme in 2007 and beyond, and benefits from the experience gained with a generation of “SUBA” (larger models, check:

Check the programme here (portuguese version only)

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